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In my quest to regain a natural appearance without spending hours in front of the mirror, I had permanent makeup applied to my brows, lips and eyes. Because of the freedom it gave to me, I decided to pursue the art of permanent cosmetics. I enjoyed doing this 25 years, however about 14 years ago I started getting calls from people who had wanted their permanent makeup removed.  Micro-blading became very popular and now micro-shading aka ombre brows.  However, micro-blading has its pitfalls in that it is a very fine line and in a large percentage of people it breaks up unevenly and then blends together.  At this point we cannot get the hair-strokes back in because the virgin skin that helped to give the hair stroke dimension is no longer there.  The other problem is that technicians are putting permanent makeup into an already full brow that doesn't need permanent makeup or they are making them too close, too square, too big and too arched.  Or they are not trained to encourage their client to let their brow hair grow and need no or less permanent makeup.  If you are considering permanent makeup or are unhappy with your current work, you are welcome to send pictures to my email or cell (see below) for a complimentary consultation.  I need up close pictures so when I enlarge them they don't blur.  Brows: I need a front view and a  slight right and left angle.


Carol Packman 
Permanent Makeup Artist
Email: carol@carolpackman.com
Phone: 818-326-9982 (Mobile)
Fax 818-784-9709
Sherman Oaks, Ca.

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If you have questions or comments about permanent cosmetic makeup - I'd like to help!  Please click the button on the right to get to my contact form, or call me directly!


I hope I spared you enough of my GIANT PORES for you to focus on the nothing-short-of-miraculous eyebrow shaping I experienced with Carol Packman, Permanent Makeup Artist and Rae-dubbed Eyebrow Wizard. Do you see any bald spots, oddly curling hairs, crooked lines, or obvious penciling? Nope. No, you don't. Neither do I - and I haven't been able to say that in about 15 years. My very first shaping experience was devastating, and my shape never fully recovered until Carol tweezed the pain away in a single session. 

Carol started brow shaping after her own experience with permanent makeup tattoos and diligently expanded her skill set to include everything brow-related from simple balance to shaping to regrowth to custom-dialed-in tattoo needles to tattoo removal. She studied with professionals across multiple states and ultimately developed her own process that creates the most beautiful dimensional results I've seen - better than threading, waxing, or a visit to Anastasia. Because Carol carefully adjusts your shape on a hair-by-hair basis (regardless of whether she is adding or subtracting strands), the effect is so natural you'll forget they didn't grow in that way!

And just so you don't go thinking I actually did grow them that way, check out the before and after comparison. The left shows my best efforts with my E.L.F brow kit from an unrelated project a couple of days ago. Can you believe I thought I did a decent job? Oy! But Carol took her time while shaping to ask questions about my preferences, explain all her techniques, and make sure I could reproduce the results at home. I was amazed and delighted to find that many of the principles are the same ones I apply to styling - especially when it comes to balance and illusion. And the best part? Her rates are deliciously affordable, and the only products she suggested were Sephora's in-house brow wax and a $3 marker (more on that to come).

Carol works out of her studio in Sherman Oaks, a gorgeous spot with as clean and uplifting a feel as one could ask for. She is also charming, thoughtful (she even wears a mask so as not to breathe on you as she tweezes), and insanely knowledgeable. As I write this, her rates for shaping run about $25-$35. She helps correct brows from literally all over the world, and she also receives special case referrals from removal doctors - she is The Real Deal. Period.

Thank you again, Carol Packman! As I wrote in my last email, it isn't hyperbole to say I'll never be the same.


After researching artists online, I came across Carol's website. After reading the section titled "When Not To Tattoo Your Eyebrows", I really sensed what I hoped to be a genuine honesty and sincerity that almost immediately earned my trust. After our first meeting and consultation, I was fully confident that I had made the right decision. She really took her time to make certain that I was ready to make this permanent decision by first making sure that my eyebrows didn't have the potential to be full and natural. Then she really took the time to sketch the stencil for the hair strokes. I say sketched and not penciled (as I'd been doing for nearly 13 yrs.) because what Carol drew by hand was true artistry.

She fully earned my confidence and trust. It's been about a year since I've had my eyebrows tattooed, and I still do not take for granted the time I save in the morning getting ready nor the freedom feel to get up and go anytime!!! The color hasn't changed and the hair strokes look very natural - I still get compliments on how perfectly "groomed" they look!

Thank you, Carol!!!

Best Regards,

Hi Carol,

This is Alina I hope you remember me, I came to you for a consultation for my eyebrows a few months ago. You helped me learn a new technique for penciling in the brows, without the clownish look! You also had encouraged me to not turn to doing the permanent makeup for the second time, due to the risk of scar tissue, etc.... I just wanted to take a moment and tell you thank you so much, I am so happy with the way I pencil in my eyebrows now. I look more natural and I feel so much more confident. In the future, I may want a few hair strokes tattooed but for now, I am content with my new look.....Thank you Carol, for your honesty and time with me. I am so appreciative, I will be referring others to you for your expertise. Thank you thank you thank you. I hope the holidays bring you happiness with family and love. I will be in touch with you. Thank you again!

Warmest Regards and thanks,


Dear Carol,

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for giving me my eyebrows back! After two attempts of permanent makeup I honesty had given up! After my first experience with permanent makeup (with someone else) my eyebrows were left pink! I was left feeling embarrassed and self conscious. I finally got the nerve to see another artist who worked as "a specialist" to fix the color, which was only a temporary fix. As the color completely faded after a few months and hundreds of dollars later. Sometime had passed but, I just could not accept my fate of having to live with "pink eyebrows."

One day while flipping though a coupon book your add caught my eye. I clipped the coupon and thought I might call you one day... Well, I finally called and scheduled a consultation with you. After meeting and talking with you about my situation I felt very comfortable, that you really knew what you were talking about, that you were a true professional with many years of experience in the unknown world of eyebrows and individual skin pigmentation. You suggested that first we should try and grow my eyebrows back, that we would take it slow to see just how much would grow back. After a few months I was ready for yet one more attempt at permanent makeup. While you tried to talk me out of doing my eyebrows, that I should be patient and let them grow back in, I insisted and made the appointment.

I want to say to you and those who are thinking about having permanent makeup done that First, that you are the only person that anyone should let perform such a important procedure (it is our face after all) and I am so thankful that I found you and that I love having my eyebrows back. It has been about 6 months and they look perfect and absolutely no pink undertones!


Tamara Nikzad
Encino, CA

Dear future clients:

I had my eyes tattooed for eye liner two years ago by Carol Packman. She was great! I was a bit nervous thinking it was going to be painful but Carol is very understanding and compassionate to ensure that there is no pain. And there was no pain!

The eye liner looks great and it helps me to save time in putting on my make-up in the morning. I liked Carol and her work so much that this past year I had her tattoo my eyebrows. I had practically tweezed them all away when I was a teenager and always had to draw them in. Since the eye liner went so well, I did the eye brows. 

Carol is very artistic and patient in creating the brows to look as natural as possible and to suit my facial features. I love them and again, I save time in putting on make-up and get even more time to snooze in the morning! In a few months I'm going to schedule Carol to do my lips so I don't have to put lipstick on all the time. Can't wait - it's so exciting! 

Carol is the best...she takes her time to do it right and make the customer happy. I'd recommend her anytime and anyone can talk to me personally. Thanks so much Carol. See you again soon.

All my best to you,

Dear Carol,

Thank you for suggesting that I could grow out my brows. It has not been an easy road, but I am proud to say that I have a pretty full left brow. The right one has grown in a little less than ¾. I am just happy to have more brows. I decided not to re-tattoo since I can fill in the rest with makeup. I have not given up hope on the right one, and hope that it will continue to grow. I am very thankful to you and very proud of my one full eyebrow.

If it were not for you, I would have continued living with sparse eyebrows, never attempting to grow them out, as I just did not think that it was possible. Now I notice girls that have very little eyebrows and think that used to be me, but not anymore. I have even gotten compliments from friends on how much better they are. Mine are still far from perfect, but not having them makes me appreciate what I do have. I think it’s made me a little more confident too.

Thank you again for your suggestion. I am much happier to have real hair.


As the former Director of one of the largest Medical Beauty Spa's in the Nation, I began to look for a professional permanent make-up artist when I was in need of re-creating and improving the shape of my eyebrows. Fortunately, I saw an advertisement for Carol and contacted her. I can not express enough my highest recommendation of this wonderful lady. Her tremendous artistic talent in creating beautiful, natural looking eyebrows, her cleanliness, her concern for my every comfort during the process and her expertise in the field of permanent make-up is exceptional. I highly recommend Carol Packman to all of my friends and associates.

Catherine S. DuPont

Hi Carol u came to mind and I just wanted to say God Bless you. Thank you for my eyebrows looking normal again. Love Cindy

I just wanted to email you and say how much I appreciate your section called when to not tattoo eyebrows. Most techs don't advertise to let your brows just grow. They will push you to get the tattoo done. My father naturally gave me thick brows and I overtweezed so i went to get them tattooed and the tech destroyed them. It took two years to remove and regrow my eyebrows. I recently overtweezed so I'm letting them go for a full six months using a special serum that I love. It accelerates the growth process. Seeing your section on when not to tattoo inspired me not to get it done again and just wait till they grow so I can shape them and fill them with powder. Thank you again for your inspiration.