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Permanent Makeup Removal and Lightening

Remove or lighten unwanted permanent makeup and tattoos by a trained professional with years of experience.

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Problems With Micro-Blading

I am writing this article in response to the hundreds and hundreds of women and men that have contacted me expressing their dissatisfaction...

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Why Permanent Cosmetic Removal?

In my twenty years of doing permanent makeup I never dreamed that a large part of my business would be removing it. For technicians that are reading this, there are many that do very nice work.

I receive emails from all over the world (Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Australia, Middle East, and across the US and Canada from people who have had micro-blading and are in a lot of emotional pain because their work is either too close, too square, too big , too arched and too far outside of the hair line and too dark.

There is a cookie cutter design (close to the nose, square, too wide and too arched) that is being taught that isn’t for everyone. And it is the blind leading the blind because a new student who thinks they have mastered the technique thinks they can teach others and make a lot of money and a lot of clients are the victims. I receive pictures from these women and men on a daily basis looking for help.

Please call me today to help you with your permanent makeup/micro-blading or tattoo removal.